Tech Trends for 2016

refurbished As we like to keep an eye on up and coming trends in the world of technology and we are at the half way point of 2016 we thought we would write a bit about what we are seeing on the rise. The one thing jumping out at us is the rapid growing popularity of virtual reality. The interesting thing about this is the fact that although virtual reality is basically a new technology it is already very affordable. With retail prices from just €50 upwards this is quite interesting as it makes the new tech affordable to everyone. Although in saying that the premium brands are in the hundreds of euro and obviously have a higher quality product. So this is something to keep an eye on.

Refurbished products have been popular for a while and for good reason. Most electronics retails are now offering good quality products such as the refurbished iphone with a warranty so there is really very little risk to the consumer as if there is a faulty product then you can get a replacement. Refurbished laptops too appear to be very popular but as the price of new laptops comes down I am not sure this is a trend that will last too long into the future.

Other things to watch out for are drones and drone related technology. These have been around a while but seem to be getting more and more popular even still. Stores like bonus electronics are offering them from as low as €60 so you can see why they are becoming so popular. Other less exciting products are still on the rise such as wireless remote controls, WIFI signal boosters and wireless routers where there is always a need for them.


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